Unlock token utility without putting your users at risk

Signet provides token-gating and smart contract infrastructure that allows your users to safely prove ownership of tokens without connecting or even carrying their wallet.

We develop secure web3 infra so you dont have to

Unlock the power of web3 to reward and engage your users, both online and IRL
NFT ticketing

Use Signet to tokenise the ticketing of your events. Create one-time NFT tickets that morph into memorbilia or use an existing NFT.

Achievements and rewards

We integrate with POAP and Kudos to allow you to reward event attendees for engagement and contribution.

Token access passes

Allow holders of your NFT to recieve discounts or special merchandise at any consession area of your events.

IRL NFT minting

Create live physical experiences around your NFT mints like no other community with Signet.

Online encrypted content

Reward event attendees with a tokens that unlock encrypted online content, such as behind the sences footage or prizes.

Safe online token-gating

Deploy online token-gates that allow the user to authenticate ownership of a specific NFT without ever having to connect their wallet.

Signet puts user security first

Use cold wallet NFTs safely

We understand the perils of connecting a wallet full of valuable digital assets. Our tech abstracts the user’s wallet from the verification proccess, ensuring their assets can’t be touched.

Generate a Signet (proxy wallet) and link your cold wallet through our smart contract registery

Download our mobile app and import your Signet to enable secure onchain interactions, online and IRL

Signet's mobile app generates a dynamic QR code that can be scanned to authenticate tokens.

Give your community secure access to web3 utility

We’ve packaged our tech into a simple consumer app to allow creators to get started. Please reach out for whitelable and bespoke solutions.

Ready to make web3 utility secure and easy?

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